With tradition, experience and passion for chemical-technical products.

We DEVELOP for your product idea or improve your formulations.
Let us PRODUCE your product. With your or our raw materials.
We can FILL your product into almost any container.
We develop and DESIGN saleable labels, cardboard boxes etc. for you...
We PACKAGE for you. If you wish, we can support your product to the point of sale.
Always on schedule, reliable and smooth: Our LOGISTICS operation.


Our profession is chemical-technical products from liquid to high paste form. We manage the entire process chain from development to production, filling, packaging and assembling, and logistics. We employ highly qualified and committed employees in all of these areas. We are environmentally responsible  and ensure that our products and processes are sustainable.

An overview of CTA figures

CTA GmbH – Über 300 treue und zufriedene Kunden
More than 300 loyal and satisfied customers
CTA GmbH – Weltweite Lieferungen in aktuell 66 Länder
Currently deliver to 66 countries worldwide
CTA GmbH – Über 7.000 Einzelaufträge im Jahr
More than 7,500 individual orders per year
CTA GmbH – Handling von über 980 Füllgüter
Handling of more than 300 filling goods
CTA GmbH – Über 1.500 aktive Produktionsartikel
More than 1,500 active production articles
CTA GmbH – 2022 insgesamt 29 Mio. abgefüllte Einheiten
A total of 35 million units filled in 2021
CTA GmbH – 3.800 m² Produktionsfläche und 38 Abfüllanlagen
3,800 m² production area and 38 filling plants
CTA GmbH – Über 3.600 Lagerstellplätze
More than 3,600 pallets storage area

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Bitte teilen Sie uns Ihre Kontaktdaten mit, wir melden uns bei Ihnen


Today we would like to inform you about our new manufacturing site for down packing at CTA USA LLC. Baltimore.

After all the hurdles that have arisen in the last few weeks, we can now proudly look back on a successful down packing. Last week the time had come and our colleagues from Germany, together with their colleagues from the USA, carried out the first serial down packing of 2 component cartridges. We would like to share this further milestone in the history of CTA with you using a few impressions from last week and are now looking forward to taking the next steps in the USA together with you and will be happy to answer any questions you may have.


979 Corporate Blvd, Linthicum Heights, MD 21090

E-Mail: info@cta-chem.com, Phone: +1-410-855-6131